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While New Zealand is on Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown, we are unable to sell or distribute our hard copy books. PDFs are still available for purchase.

Make homeschooling maths so much easier than traversing the plethora of websites out there. Our programme steps you and your child through the curriculum they were learning at school.


Our series of mathematics workbooks are more than just fun for kids. We update parents on the curriculum being taught in schools, how children are learning maths and how to help them improve and develop their skills, confidence and competency.

While NZ is in Level 4 lockdown, we will have a free maths problem every few days for you to download. We will add you to our mailing list so you can receive our regular updates and offers.

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Reach Problem Solver of the Week!

The current activity is from Book 10.

(Stage 4/5. Good for Year 3s & 4s).


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See some of our favourite pages from our growing collection of activity books.

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Find out which book is best for your child.

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Tips for parents

Find out the best tips for helping your child with maths at home.



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