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Lucy Patston, BA/BSc(Hons), PhD


My name is Lucy Patston. I'm the Founding Director of Reach Education and the author of the Reaching Competence Mathematics Programme. I'm a mother to three inquisitive, primary-aged children (and a dog), and I contract as an academic advisor to Masters students. 

As a parent of emerging school children, I realised how differently my children were being taught maths to the way I was taught (30 years ago - gulp). I had no idea of these “mental strategies” they were jabbering on about! So my colleagues and I embarked on a project to bring the maths curriculum to life for kids and their caregivers.


I worked with talented maths specialist teachers to replicate the NZ maths curriculum in a series of books that sit alongside classroom teaching and complement your child's learning at school. The books encourage a love for the consistency and logic of maths, are fun and colourful, and have true-to-life problems containing developed characters in believable, real-life scenarios.

We can do better for our kids by understanding the concepts and strategies they are learning in the classroom. To this end, the books carefully explain the  mathematics curriculum, the different strategies for calculating equations, and all the terminology parents need to know to effectively help their children with maths at home. Each curriculum stage is broken into learning intentions so you can pick up on specific skills your child has either missed at school or is struggling with.

For more about me and the inspiration behind the programme, please see My Story.



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