Which book is best for my 10 year old?

Stage 5/6


Book 15

Ages 8-10

Book 15 covers mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction, reading and valuing large numbers, and 6x, 7x and 8x tables.

For students who are starting to form a foundation of mental addition/ subtraction and place value (Cf Books 11-14).


Book 16

Ages 8-10

Book 16 covers 11x and 12x tables and concepts of multiplication, fractions of shapes and numbers, proper and improper fractions and introduces decimals.

For students with a developing concept of multiplication and division and fractions.


Book 17

Ages 8-10

Book 17 covers addition, subtraction and ordering of decimals up to 2 decimal places, using a calculator memory and introduces the order of operations.

For students who are developing a sound knowledge base of mathematical concepts.

Stage 6


Book 18

Ages 9-11

Book 18 covers place value and sequencing and ordering large numbers, and multiplication of 2- and 3-digit numbers using a written method.

For students who have sound mental strategies for numbers up to 3 digits.


Book 19

Ages 9-11

Book 19 covers square numbers, division and multiplication, and fractions and ratios.

For students who have a sound understanding of multiplication/division and fractional concepts.


Book 20

Ages 9-11

Book 20 covers the relationship between decimals, fractions and percentages up to 3 decimal places, the use of calculators, order of operations and identification of number patterns.

For students who are comfortable working with decimals (Cf Book 19).


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