Which book is best for my 7 year old?

Stage 4

Book 5.png

Book 5

Ages 6-8

Book 5 covers halves and quarters, counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 100, and basic facts to 20.

For children who have some experience working with numbers to 20 (Cf Book 4).

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Book 6

Ages 6-8

Book 6 covers addition and subtraction to 20, recording equations using +, - and =, and basic facts to 20.

For children who are becoming familiar with equations (Cf Book 3) and facts up to 20 (Cf Book 5).

Book 7.png

Book 7

Ages 6-8

Book 7 covers skip counting in twos, fives and tens, introduces place value (decimal system), working with tens and doubles.

For children who have started skip counting (Cf Book 4) and have been introduced to some basic facts to 20 (Cf Book 5).

Stage 4/5

Book 8.png

Book 8

Ages 7-8

Book 8 covers number facts to 10, working with tens, introduces money and multiplication.

For children who are ready to start manipulating small numbers and are starting to understand the basics of the place value system (Cf Books 5, 6, & 7).

Book 9.png

Book 9

Ages 7-8

Book 9 covers 2x, 5x and 10x tables, number facts to 20, subtracting 9 and estimating.

For children who have mastered skip counting (Cf Books 7 & 8) and are ready to advance basic number skills and facts.

Book 10.png

Book 10

Ages 7-8

Book 10 covers simple fractions, addition and subtraction of single-digit numbers and using the calculator.

For children who have encountered fractions before (Cf Book 5) and are ready to learn basic mental strategies for addition and subtraction.


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