Which book is best for my 9 year old?

Stage 5

Book 11.png

Book 11

Ages 7-9

Book 11 covers addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers and concepts involving money.

For children who have started to work with addition and subtraction using single-digits (Cf Book 10) and have been introduced to money (Cf Book 8).

Book 13.png

Book 13

Ages 7-9

Book 13 covers reading, writing and rounding 3-digit numbers, and adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers using mental strategies.

For children who have mastered mental addition and subtraction with 2-digit numbers (Cf Book 11).

Book 12.png

Book 12

Ages 7-9

Book 12 covers 3x, 4x, and 9x tables, and early division concepts.

For children who have conquered their 2x, 5x and 10x tables and are ready to move on to the relationship between multiplication and division (Cf Book 9).

Book 14.png

Book 14

Ages 7-9

Book 14 covers fractions, calculator skills and using operations (+, -, x & ÷) to solve problems.

For children who understand basic fractions (Cf Book 10) and are ready to move on to more difficult skills like ordering and finding fractions of whole numbers.

Stage 5/6

Book 15.png

Book 15

Ages 8-10

Book 15 covers mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction, reading and valuing large numbers, and 6x, 7x and 8x tables.

For students who are starting to form a foundation of mental addition/ subtraction and place value (Cf Books 11-14).

Book 16.png

Book 16

Ages 8-10

Book 16 covers 11x and 12x tables and concepts of multiplication, fractions of shapes and number, proper and improper fractions and introduces decimals.

For students with a developing concept of multiplication and division and fractions.

Book 17.png

Book 17

Ages 8-10

Book 17 covers addition, subtraction and ordering of decimals up to 2 decimal places, using a calculator memory and introduces the order of operations.

For students who are developing a sound knowledge base of mathematical concepts.


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