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We use Zoom (similar to Skype) to connect to our students all over New Zealand. Students work in their books at home, while our tutors walk them through the skills they need and answer their questions. Parents are welcome to sit alongside their child or to settle them in and head off to do whatever they need. You simply click on the link we provide you and wait until it's time for your session. We will bring you through to the Reach Online Classroom and start your session.

How does "online" tutoring work?

After you purchase the package you would like for tutoring, you will receive information on how to book the sessions you'd like. The BEST thing is you can choose from ANY session available. Clump them together, same day each week, different days each week, or spread them out over a longer period. It's up to you. Whatever you find most convenient! You just use what you pay for. BRILLIANT!

How do I book the sessions I want?

We tutor children aged between 5 to 11 years old, so long as they are working within the range our current books cover (Stage 0 to 6). You may attend also! We also cater to children (or adults) outside the age range if they are working within Stages 0 to 6. If you have a specific query about your child and their needs, please contact us before booking.

Who can enrol?

The answer to this will depend on:

  • your child's age

  • your child's Year level at school

  • whether your child is falling behind, at level, or ahead in their maths

Click on the button below to go to the page you need.​

Which book is

the right one for my child?

A learning intention is a skill or piece of knowledge. Some examples are:

  • Able to skip count in twos and tens

  • Able to order unit fractions

  • Able to read, write and order 3-digit numbers

What is a

"learning intention"?

A picture really is worth a thousand words! Click the button below for a chart and a brief explanation.

How do the maths curriculum "levels" and "stages"

in maths work?

If you've had a look at the Levels & Stages page, you'll notice some maths stages are larger than others. It's all very well to squeeze 10 learning intentions into one book, but 32? 

Click on the button below to view how the books are set out across the maths stages.

Why are there so many books?

Sometimes it's nice to "ease your way up the hill". The books that cover the transitions between stages are for children who are working in those "nearly there" areas. I strongly recommend completing these books. If you think your child has just started Stage 5, get the Stage 4/5 books!

Why do some books cover two stages (e.g., 4/5, 5/6, etc.)?

No, not at all. If it's clear that your child already possesses the skill for a particular learning intention, then it's fine to move on - unless they're having fun, of course!

Do I need to work through every activity with my child?

The answer to this will depend on:

  • How well aligned the book is to your child's ability

  • What stage they are up to

  • How keen you are

  • How keen they are!

The books are designed to work alongside your child's learning at school, so some books will take 4-months or more to complete. If there is little movement for many weeks, move down the levels.

How long does it  take to work    through a book?

If you don't want your child using a device, that's okay. Personally, I think the apps make a good addition to the variation of activities offered in the books, and I've done my best to match apps as closely to the learning intentions as possible. Click the button below for the apps list across all books.

Do I need to use

the apps you suggest?

The mathematics curriculum is split into five areas: 

  1. Number

  2. Algebra

  3. Geometry

  4. Measurement

  5. Statistics

The Reaching Competency Programme covers the largest component, Number, with a few spots of the others thrown in.​

Why do you refer to "Number" in relation to the maths curriculum?

If you have a question that you would like covered on this page, please fill in the form below and you'll be the first to know the answer.



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