Supporting our Primary Schools

It gives me great pleasure to donate books to small primary schools in New Zealand, whether these are used in the classroom, or passed on to parents. I'm just happy if they make their way to a child.
Rutherford Primary

Our 2019 Christmas Book Donation went to Rutherford Primary School, Auckland.

Woodhill School

2020 started off with a donation of 56 books to Woodhill School, Rodney District. That's a book for every child!

Tapora Primary

Our Valentine's Book Donation went to Tapora Primary School, Auckland. And again, a book per child.

St John The Evangelist

Next on my bucket list is St John The Evangelist Catholic School, Auckland. Go Teacher Lisa for getting in touch. These ones are for your students.


Apply for a book donation for your school today.


Apply for a book donation for your school today.


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