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The books cover the addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions learning intentions from the Linear Series (Books 1-10).

  • Level 1 Addition and Subtraction
  • Level 1 Multiplication
  • Level 1 Fractions

Level 1 ASMF Hard Copy Set

  • Level 1 Addition and Subtraction covers the addition and subtraction only learning intentions from the Linear Series for children aged about 5 to 7 years old.

    At this level, students are working at solidifying their facts to 10 and 20 and starting to understand place value (the value of digits in a number). They are learning their doubles and halves to 20 and are beginning to learn simple strategies for mental addition and subtraction. 

    The learning intentions covered in this book are:

    • Able to recall addition and subtraction facts to 10
    • Able to recall doubles and halves to 20
    • Able to count on and back in tens from any number
    • Able to solve number problems using compatibles to 10
    • Knows the number of tens and ones in any 2-digit number
    • Able to use doubles to solve addition and subtraction to 20
    • Able to work with tens
    • Able to subtract 10 and add 1 in order to subtract
    • Knows number facts to 20


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