The learning intentions covered in this book are:

  1. Able to skip count in twos and tens
  2. Able to skip count in fives
  3. Able to solve multiplication problems by skip counting
  4. Understands the x symbol
  5. Knows multiplication is commutative
  6. Knows the multiplication facts x2, x5 and x10

Level 1 Multiplication e-Copy

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  • Level 1 Multiplication - taken from the Reaching Competence Mathematics Programme.


    At this level, students are still using the precursor to multiplication, called “skip counting”, and are just beginning to recognise the meaning of the multiplication symbol (x). Towards the end of this level, students begin to understand the meaning of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables, and perhaps commit some of these to memory.


    Get this 66-page activity booklet printed from the PDF and posted to your door.


    You will also get:

    • information about the curriculum,
    • learning intention checklist, sticker chart and stickers,
    • suggested Apple and Android applications,
    • worksheets, activities and board games,
    • certificates and other print-and-cut resources.



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