The learning intentions covered in this book are:

  1. Knows multiplication facts x3
  2. Knows multiplication facts x9
  3. Knows multiplication facts x4
  4. Knows multiplication facts x6
  5. Knows multiplication facts x8
  6. Knows multiplication facts x7
  7. Has knowledge of the doubling and halving strategy
  8. Has knowledge of the distributive property of multiplication
  9. Knows multiplication facts x11 and x12

Level 2 Multiplication Printed Booklet

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    Copies are:

    • printed two-sided on A4 paper, except games, print-and-cut resources and certificates, which are printed on single-sided A4 paper
    • in full colour
    • not bound
    • formatted to open as they would in paperback form so that facing pages open correctly side-by-side.


    Level 2 Multiplication - taken from the Reaching Competence Mathematics Programme.


    At this level, students are encouraged to commit their times tables to memory and understand the meaning of multiplication. They are beginning to grasp the relationship between skip counting (e.g., 3, 6, 9, 12), repeated addition (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12), multiplication (4 x 3 = 12) and division (12 ÷ 4 = 3) although this may  only just be emerging.


    Get this 117-page activity booklet printed from the PDF and posted to your door.


    You will also get:

    • information about the curriculum,
    • learning intention checklist, sticker chart and stickers,
    • suggested Apple and Android applications,
    • worksheets, activities and board games,
    • certificates and other print-and-cut resources.


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