Book 2 covers the 9 learning intentions for children aged about 4 to 6 years old.


At this level, children can count all groups of objects but don’t yet add two numbers together. Finger patterns to ten are an important strategy for children to use. This helps them to visualise basic additions, such as 5 + 1 = 6 and 5 + 2 = 7, etc.


Get this 84-page activity book, in printed form, sent to your door.

Book 2 Printed Hard Copy 2020 Edition

  • Book 2 covers Stage 1 (for kids in Year 0).


    You will also get:

    • information about the curriculum,
    • learning intention checklist, sticker chart and stickers,
    • suggested Apple and Android applications,
    • worksheets, activities and board games,
    • certificates and other print-and-cut resources.


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