Reaching Competency Mathematics Programme Books and Resources

Books can either be bought digitally (PDF) or in physical form (bound or printed book).

e-Copies (PDF format) are emailed immediately upon payment.  

Hard copies (bound or printed) are posted within 2 working days (arrival times will vary).

The Linear Series

Books 1 to 20 grow with your child and cover the entire curriculum for Primary School.

Subject Area Books

Pages taken from the Linear Series.


Physical maths resources including our Essentials Packs for Books 1-14.

Stock Clearance Sale

2018 Edition Hard Copy Bound Books for truly amazing prices. Just a bit less pretty.

The linear series - Books 1-20

Collectively, these books cover all curriculum learning intentions

Subject area books - Multiplication, Fractions, etc.

Collectively, these books cover some curriculum learning intentions

Stock Clearance Sale (2018 Editions)


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